My father founded the studio in 1959, and since then it has been a place where miracles happen every day: the creation of the most diverse sculptural forms in clay through the application of exceptional modeling skills. In the studio, I create from scratch the original clay models which will then be reproduced in marble, bronze, terracotta or other materials. Assistants, moldmakers, marble sculptors and bronze casters all contribute to the realization of the finished piece. In the studio, we enlarge smaller-scale models into a larger size. The height of an enlarged clay sculpture can reach several meters, like for Esmeralda, the enlargement I made for Gina Lollobrigida, which was five meters high. In the process of enlargement, I use pantographs. I don't use 3-D scanning. My preference is for pantographs of a mechanical nature, specifically the type of pantograph which was invented in Pietrasanta in the last century. I think this kind of pantograph is superior from the point of view of the quality of the work because, while remaining competitive from an economic and qualitative point of view, it leaves the artist with an expressive and creative freedom which would be impossible with the latest generation of pantographs. Unlike the mechanical pantographs, a sculpture enlarged through 3-D scanning results in a foam core covered by a thin layer of plasticine, which limits any substantial changes to the work after enlargement. This difference is of fundamental importance for the successful completion of a sculpture. If needed, I also provide help with modeling the sculpture at the request of the artist.